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2018.06.06 Wednesday

2018 5月 新着商品其の


 2018 5月 新着商品 其の

 2018 5月 新着商品 其の

 2018 5月 新着商品 其の

 2018 5月 新着商品 其の

 2018 5月 新着商品 其の



   c1930's Frosted Glass Cocktail Shaker Bottles Set of 3




   左、c1900's Heavily Embossed Massey's Beer Pint Bottle + Top

 中、c1890's Sayson & Hewitt's Chemical Extract

 右、c1911 Rd. No. 590540 Side studded 2 Rows Embossing 10oz. Poison Bottle 



 左、c1900's Boots Cash Chemist Medical Disspencing Bottle Light Blue

 中、c1890's Cussons Tomato Sauce

 右、c1920's Walfox Brand Tea spoons Graduated Chest Medicine Bottle



   左、c1890's Ven-Yusa Meat Extract Pot

 中、c1860~80's Dr. Roberts Bridport Poor Mans Friend Ointment Pot

 中右、c1930's Bovril 1/2oz. Sample Bottle

 右、c1900's Boots Cash Chemist Pill bottle with Top



   左、Geo. Lucas Ghemist Etched Letter Bottle + Top

 中、c1895 J. Grossmith & Son Perfumers + Top

 右、c1890's Frazer & Green Ltd. World Famous Scotish Lavender Water



   左、c1930's Elizabeth Saxton Santa Claus Figural Créme de Menthe Bottle + Bakelite Top

 中、c1920/30's Bird Figural Cheap Scent Bottle + Bakelite Top

 右、c1880's Crude Sagging Poor Women's Cheap Scent Bottle



   左、c1920's Roses Lime Juice Sample Bottle Aqure

 中、c1940's Roses Lime Juice Sample Bottle Clear

 右、c1910's Idoris Juice Frosted Bottle



   左、c1890's Swirl of Amber Colour Aqua Octagonal Ink

 中、c1895 Large Size Square Ribbed Ink 

 中右、c1889 Rd. No. 121546 Borthwick's Bouillon 2oz.

 右、c1908 Armour's Beef Juice 4oz.



   左、Late c1880's Gordon Gin Rare Blue Colour

 中、c1930's Miniture Gordon's Special Dry London Gin + Top

 右、c1928 1/2 Pint Gilbey Gin



 左、c1880's 1/2oz. 2 rows Embossing NTBT Hex. Blue Poison Bottle

 中、c1890's 2oz. Flatback Cobalt Blue Poison Bottle

 右、c1890's 3oz. 2 rows Embossing Poisonous NTBT Variant Type Hex. Blue Poison Bottle 



 左、c1880~c1920 W.Wood Chemist Tooth Paste Pot

 中、c1880~1900's Mailing James Keiller & Son's Dundee Marmalade Jar

   右、c1920's C.W.S (Co-op Whole Sales) Heavily Embossed Meat Paste Jar











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